Client: Brainpowersupplements
Location: United Kingdom
Service: Packaging Design​​​​​
A Dose of Mother Nature
​​​​​​​Brainpower Supplements® is the brand specialized in cognitive and nutritional supplements. Through its 100% natural products composed of botanicals, herbs, fruits, seeds and mushrooms, it seeks to turn a simple capsule into a whole healthy experience with unique results. Brainpower Supplements® has a privileged position as the top supplement brand in the UK.

Most food supplements contain a lot of information. They looked for a way to have all this without saturating the label. As for the style, something organic was sought, and at the same time reflects modernity.

For the organic touch, we use Custom Naturalistic Illustrations to differentiate ourselves from the competition. In addition, the information was placed in an orderly and easy-to-view manner.
A gold strip printed on gold foil was used to give a touch of quality to the products. With different colours to differentiate each product, we achieve a clean, modern, functional and attractive label.
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